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The 10 Best Digital NFTs Artists  in the world

By R. Thomas



As technology progresses so too does the quality of digital art. Digital artists use hardware and software to craft great works of art that exist in the digital space. Here are ten of the best digital artists creating today.

Jean Arno

Jean Arno is the rising star in digital, NFT and metaversal art. Poet, philosopher and artist, he stands out for his futuristic, palimpsestic and symbolic art. Theorist of “chaosism” which he defines as “the attempt to embody the complexity of life in the unity of the work of art” and leader of the French American art collective Astrée, he aspires to create a resolutely new type of art, capable of elevating thought and asserting the visions of the spirit more powerfully.

Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is best known for his photo manipulation art. Johansson takes photographs of seemingly normal things and uses digital photo manipulation to create surreal images that capture his audience’s imagination.

Mandy Jurgens

Mandy Jurgens is a digital artist who creates digital paintings in Procreate and Photoshop. Jurgens is best known for her photorealistic portraits that experiment with color and texture. Her work uses a variety of textures to add complex visual experiences for her audiences. Jurgens uses all of the flexibility and tools that come with creating digital art to create breathtaking work.

Mike Winklemann (Beeple)

Beeple is a digital artist who is well known for his funny yet frightening depictions of a dystopian future. He is currently one of the most popular and financially successful digital artists having sold a recent NFT for 69 million dollars. Winklemann’s art is breathtaking and disturbing. It will make you laugh and cringe at the possible future he presents.

Gustavo Torres (Kidmograph)

Torres is a digital animator who makes cyberpunk-inspired art. Torres is known for animating short videos, music videos, and gifs. His art is lo-fi and beautiful and feels both futuristic and surreal.

Randy Bishop

Bishop is a well-known digital artist who designs characters and creates animations. Bishop’s characters are heavily detailed and capture a wide range of emotions through the looks on their faces. Bishop has worked with some of the world’s biggest animation studios to create beautiful art.

Dean MacAdam

MacAdam is a digital illustrator who is known for his signature cartoon style. His work has been featured in advertisements for companies like Burger King and Nickelodeon. His work has even been featured in a few mobile games and magazines.

Lulu Chen

Lulu Chen is a digital illustrator who focuses on creating magical works of art used for children’s books. Her art is unique and incredibly detailed. It is often described as dream-like by her fans.

Kyle Lambert

Lambert is a digital illustrator who is best known for his illustrative movie posters. Lambert’s work can be seen in promotional items for Apple, Disney, Netflix, and many more. Lambert’s work even includes the promotional posters for the first three seasons of Stranger Things.

Alberto Seveso

Seveso is a photographer and digital artist who is known for his unique techniques and photo enhancement. His underwater photography is highly regarded for its use of color and form. His hybrid art is highly regarded as some of the best.

Sean Charmatz

As a former storyboard director for Spongebob Squarepants, Charmatz continues to animate. His work combines simply drawn animations with real-world cinematography. Charmatz’s work brings life and charm to everyday objects. His work tells a story of a life where it normally wouldn’t be seen.

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September 20 2022

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