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Les gens de musée


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Contemporary poetry has largely turned away from the ecstatic, revelatory impulses that informed the work of poets from Orpheus down to the Symbolists who revolutionized 19th-century French verse. In his new book, Paris-born Jean Arno reclaims that heritage, delivering a rousing, illuminating volume whose substantial intellectual weight is presented with a remarkably deft touch. “The greatest truths are conquered,” Arno has written elsewhere ...

By M. Tzvertoia

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As the Metaverse begins to become a reality, artists of all kinds are finding ways to use the new technology to break ground with their digital art. Digital artists and fashion designers alike have begun using the Metaverse as their runway to try new things and translate traditional designs into a virtual space ... 

By T. Smith-Adam

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AI-created art has been a hot topic over the past few months as easily accessible programs are becoming available for public use. These programs use submitted prompts to create original images that are almost indiscernible from human-created works. Many are wondering how artificial intelligence will change the entire landscape of art. If work created by an AI is indiscernible from hand-crafted pieces created by humans ...

By A. Apenoux

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