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How is AI Transforming our Society?

By R. Ciccarelli

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Artificial Intelligence has always been the topic of science fiction horror escapes where computers and robots run the world. More recently, AI has been a part of daily life for everyday people.  AI can help perform simple and complex tasks to make life easier, but how is AI transforming our society?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is when computers complete tasks that usually would require human intelligence to complete. AI uses systems that cull large amounts of information from all over the internet and uses that information to make calculated decisions that computers would not have previously been able to make. AI is interesting because it allows computers and programs to learn from human choices and creativity and mimic it to create original pieces of work. Whether it is art, math, or critical thinking, computers can use AI programs to do what was previously unthinkable.

AI-Created Art

One of the most popular uses of AI by the general public is the use of AI programs to create original pieces of art. These programs take your prompt and gather information from around the web to create a visual depiction of what you are looking for. These programs mimic other visual media that they read on the internet to create something similar yet original. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between AI-created art and human-made art.

This opens the door to discussions about the value of art. If a computer can make art that is indiscernible from a human’s art at a faster rate, are artists suddenly out of the job? It remains to be seen, but the future of art may be in question.

AI-Writing and Marketing

What if you could run a marketing campaign that is scientifically proven to appeal to your key audience? This is what many AI marketing and writing programs are trying to offer clients. Although there is a noticeable difference in the consistency of work between real-life writers and AI writing programs.

This again asks the question, when does AI go too far? What things about humanity and the creative process do we hold sacred? If AI can masterfully craft writing that appeals to the target audience, it is safe to assume that the value of learning how to read and write could plummet.

The Value of AI

To say that AI is only here to take away work from writers and artists is not completely fair. AI is doing a lot to make life more efficient than it used to be. From traffic lights to food production, AI can help regulate and calculate processes that may cost humans a lot of time and money. If AI can help support individuals in their work to make life more efficient and effective, it has value to many.

Some still question if it is good or bad that we are relying on AI to do so much. Hopefully, AI acts as a support system and not a replacement for those already doing the work in question


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September 9.2022

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