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With the global economy on the fritz due to the aftermath of the pandemic, consumers need to be prepared for the possibility of an upcoming recession. Global experts say that a recession is possible in the next few years. Being prepared for a challenging economy can help you weather the storm of recession. Here is what to expect in the coming months and years as the recession begins ... 

By P.C Portelli

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If there is one thing that the global pandemic of 2020 made clear, it’s that remote work was not only possible, it was eminently desirable for a great many workers out there. And even as the pandemic has abated somewhat, many people would prefer to continue working from home rather than spending time and money commuting to the office daily.

However, their employers don’t feel quite the same way. Almost half of US employers are not willing to entertain the thought of remote work – even hybrid work, which would see workers come into the office 2-3 times a week ...

By A. Afolevsky

By R. Thomson

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