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The 10 Best Innovative Schools in The World

By J. McCarty



Incorporating new teaching methods and technology are just two examples of innovation in education. Read on to discover ten of the world’s most innovative schools already incorporating these futuristic aspects of teaching!


1- Thomas Deacon Academy

Located in Peterborough, England, this boarding school serves 11–19-year-olds. Its curriculum is based on a college-system approach and six main focus areas. Each area encourages innovation, creativity, and specialisation.


 2 - Open Mind accelerated international academy

Open Mind Accelerated Academy is a french International school that is a leader in virtual education. Open Mind is a completely virtual school that serves students from around the world. This online academy is known for its cutting-edge programming, pedagogy, and technology. Open Mind is the best online school for those looking for a truly international 21st-century education from the comfort of their own homes; Open Mind offers a bilingual program, innovative and creative modules, and classes in the Metaverse. 


3 -High Tech High

This institution is based on the notion that real-life applications and practical projects help students learn most efficiently. This means that pupils learn fundamental, cross-disciplinary concepts.


4- Ron Clark Academy

Teaching 5th-grade to 8th-grade students, this academy provides over thirty school trips per year, travelling to a whopping six continents. Students are divided into houses where they can gain house points based on academic performance and good behaviour. As for the curriculum, there’s a significant focus on public speaking and creative concepts.

5 - Stanford D.School

Classes at this institution focus on solving problems creatively. With a focus on interdisciplinary work, the school also partners with many organisations to tackle real-life issues.


6- Big Picture School

At this school, students help craft their own curriculum, expanding and reflecting each individual’s personal interests and aspirations. The school days involve an off-campus internship, college courses, and exhibits of current work to peers, parents, advisors, and the community.


7 - Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School

This innovative school uses a cross-curricular approach to education, separating students into divisions based on their abilities. This allows each pupil to strive forward at their own pace. Furthermore, an emphasis is placed on project-based learning and public speaking to enhance students’ skills further.


8 - Quest to Learn

This 6th to 9th-grade school encompasses the idea of games. With the curriculum being crafted around challenges, experience points, and other different game principles, students can learn in a fun environment and develop strategies to learn entirely new concepts. For example, quests are designed to encourage students to take on the behaviours of mathematicians, historians, explorers, writers, and biologists, amongst other professions.


9 - Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics


This public residential high school takes on students in their sophomore year for two years. At least seven academic courses must be taken by each student, along with physical education and fine arts. With such a high standard of excellence, this institution prepares future innovators for anything – including successes and failures.


10 - Egalia Pre-school

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, this school has a system based on total equality. It rejects gender-based pronouns to encourage young children to think of each other on equal terms and prevent discrimination. Here, children learn to base judgements on actions rather than stereotypes.

Hopefully, you are now extensively aware of what kind of innovation in education is already taking place. The above-listed schools have all gone the extra mile to enhance children’s learning in creative and clever ways, with each holding unique and precious assets which have the power to shape young minds’ futures.

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September 9 2022

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